Cafeteria Cost with Covid 19

Posted by Ed on Apr 29, 2020 12:28:05 PM

When Company Cafeteria Prices Get High


In current times with the Corona virus and employees working at home, the cost of maintaining a company cafeteria becomes more difficult to bear.  When this happens many companies are turning to micro markets as a replacement


Micro markets can offer a lower cost replacements for the in-house cafeteria often with just as good if not better selection than the traditional cafeteria. 


Often praised for alternative choices and a healthy menu, micromarkets are the new way to reduce the cost of cafeteria while providing value to your employees.  Even with the working at home craze now in place and necessary due to the Corona virus employees are still happier with micromarkets than with traditional vending, although in some cases traditional vending is needed for health reasons. 


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