COVID-19 Will Not Be With Us Forever!

Posted by Ed on Dec 3, 2020 11:41:03 AM

COVID-19 Will Not Be Here Forever!                  


With the advent of the new vaccine which should be available in May 2021 Office Refreshments will once again become a central feature of the workplace. Offices that have suffered through the quarantines and increased illnesses will benefit from already having an office refreshment system in place. Remember vending, especially traditional vending, is completely germ free. The items are prepackaged and have not seen human contact since leaving the factory. 


As your company ramps up its office refreshment services it behooves everyone to consider micromarkets which are the wave of the future in office food. Micromarkets are also sanitary and contain food which has been prepared in our sanitized kitchens and packaged to meet germ free specifications. Micromarkets give greater flexibility and variety to items employees want and which satisfy as offices repopulate. 


Remember, the virus is temporary and we will have a solution. Soon everyone will be back at work. Please call 1-800-343-3350 if you would like to discuss options or have any questions.

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