Five Reasons Why Your Employees Will Love a  Vending Micro Market

Posted by Ed on Mar 29, 2019 2:00:00 PM


  1. Vending Micro Markets Have a Better Selection of Products. The average bank of traditional vending machines stacked along a 12 foot wall with 4 traditional vending machines can feature about 45 items.  A vending micro market using the same amount of space with shelves and cabinets can feature almost 300 products.


  1. Customers can examine products. In vending micro markets products are openly displayed on shelves or in refrigerated coolers. Customers can pick up a product, for example a salad, before they buy it and look at it in its container to check for ingredients and freshness.  In traditional vending it is not possible to examine a product until after the customer buys it.


  1. Vending Micro Markets Do Not Require Cash. In a vending micro market, customers gather their products together and pay for them at an electronic payment kiosk.  Customers scan the product’s bar code which is on the product into the payment screen and pay with a credit card or a company issued card.  While in modern traditional vending it is sometimes possible to pay with a credit card, cash is often required.  In addition, customers cannot pay for their purchases all at once, but rather have to purchase items from vending machines individually.


  1. Employees Do Not Have to Leave the Worksite for Lunch. Since the variety of products offered in vending micro markets is so vast, it is likely that a busy employee who has limited time for lunch can obtain a healthy, nutritious meal for a vending micro market in a few minutes, leaving him/her more time to enjoy their break and not have to rush to get back to work.  Obtaining lunch from a traditional vending machine bank often has a negative appeal to employees.  Furthermore, it takes much longer than a vending micro market to purchase food which leads to employees leaving the workplace to find a satisfactory meal.


  1. Vending Micro Markets Are Less Expensive Than Restaurants or Convenience Stores. Prices of items found in vending micro markets tend to be similar or less than prices of items sold in traditional vending machines and less than items found in convenience stores.  In addition, there is no outside trip needed to use a vending micro market as opposed to a convenience store.  Of course, restaurants are more expensive than either of these alternatives and it takes much longer to obtain a meal in a restaurant than in a vending micro market.


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