Should We Have Vending Programs in Schools?

Posted by Ed on Mar 5, 2020 4:02:32 PM

There are pros and cons to school vending programs particularly in the K through 12 group.  Parents are often concerned that having vending machines in schools will result in their children overeating foods and snacks with poor nutritive value.  Students like having the convenience of snacking between meals and drinking beverages that are not on the school lunch menu.  The federal government issued standard for healthy school vending in 2014    


People differ on whether schools should have vending programs.  In some cases, school districts have banned the use of vending machines on campuses.  Students mostly have a different opinion  Student ire over the uses of vending machines has some school administrators back pedaling to find solutions to appease both students and parents.


One of the keys to success with school vending is the presentation of healthy foods.  In addition, it is necessary to educate students on what a healthy diet is.  Too often students don’t realize the differences between a bag of chips and a bag of trail mix.  Some school districts have stricter nutrition standards that the USDA.  However, is your district follow the healthy vending guidelines establish in 2014 you should have no trouble.

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