Is a Micro Market For You?

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Most consumers want the convenience and variety offered by Vending Micro Markets.  However, vending micro markets may not work in every situation.  First, one must consider the space available for a micro market.   Micro markets require an area of around 50 square feet as a minimum.  Does you company have such an area?  Depending on the products you wish to have in your micro market (how many, which ones) more area may be required. 

Does your company have enough employees to justify a vending micro market?  When vending micro markets first were introduced they were often seen as alternatives to the employee cafeteria and operators required that a location have 300-400 employees before installing a vending micro market.  As vending micro markets increased in popularity that number has dropped to 100 employees and on some occasions fewer than that!

Is traditional vending working for your company?  Are your employees happy with the items they purchase from your current vending machines? If not contact Vending Needs for more information about how micro markets can work for you and your company.

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VENDING MICROMARKETS PRODUCT SELECTION Micromarkets tend to have a wider selection of products to offer employees.  This can range from the traditional chips and pretzels to salad, fresh sandwiches, and soups.  There is really no limit the kinds of products offerings available in vending micromarkets.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Generally, employees who use micromarkets for the first time are impressed with the arrangement of products is racks and cold cases.  When employees are happy they feel valued and tend to work harder and more efficiently. 

TRADITIONAL VENDING  Customers sometimes find the need to use traditional vending.  This most often happens in areas where there are large numbers of people especially in places like schools.





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We are a member of the National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) and we participate in their Fitpick program. This program involves the use of stickers to clearly indicate which items are healthier than others, allowing your employees to easily make healthier choices.

Micro markets provide healthier  and more varied options for your employees. So why should you care? Because healthy and happy employees means fewer sick days, lower insurance costs and happier people. All of which result in greater productivity and a healthier business.

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